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I’ve been playing with my XY plotter a bit more and just exploring what I can do with it. I made this mini zine, its generated waves cropped in illustrator and the XY plotter drawing it with a pigment liner 0.2. Its also a classic A4 zine design, you can find it here, or pretty much anywhere if you research all the amazing zine artists and writers out there. Being in the Dublin punk scene in the 00’s zines were a massive part on spreading news, opinions, community and self care articles, several of which I contributed art to. It was an amazing time of self publishing before the internet became saturated with madness. Here is a whopper portland zine documentary that inspired me years ago

I generated several images representing vibrations as vibrations and their frequency can have a spiritual and mental impact. The concept that everything in the universe, including the human body, vibrates at a certain frequency is a central to some spiritual beliefs. Some people believe that certain vibrations can bring about a state of well-being, calmness, and spiritual connection. Also I’m a Joy Division fan and think Unknown Pleasures is one of the best album covers ever.

Mini Zine – Biro on printer cartridge paper

Self-publishing zines are an integral medium for self-expression and creativity. They allow individuals to bypass the traditional publishing industry and showcase their work directly to an audience. Zines often cover niche topics and provide a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard. They can be an important tool for activism, building community, and fostering creativity and artistic expression. In a time where traditional gatekeepers often determine what gets published and shared, self-publishing zines provide a vital outlet for diverse perspectives and creative expression.

Always hit a comic con or a zine fest and buy from some of the most creative people pushing ideas and making waves as best they can. One of the finest examples I know personally for years is Gavin Fullerton and how much he is kicking ass from general animation artist, indie zine/comic creator to pro seeked after amazing comic artist. Theres hundreds of Irish artists I could recommend and I will in future posts.


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