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I love the idea of ‘Make a Gift Day’. It takes the consumerism out of the festive season and the result is that you have a really special and individualised gift to give one of your loved ones. It is also a great opportunity to collaborate with friends or family in making gifts for others.

This year I put together some ginger and cinnamon cookie packs, paintings, prints, bags, cushions and what not. Here’s a food pack I did last year for people.

“Handmade gifts are scary because they reveal that you have too much free time.”

Douglas Coupland

If you have kids to entertain, here are some awesome links to get ideas and in the mood of crafting up gifts:

I had the pleasure of meeting the Howtoons creators at the New York Comic Con. I thought their comics were a great initiative to get kids into building their own toys and DIY projects with some sensibility and adventure attached. The contributors were made up of an engineer, an artist and a toy designer, Saul Griffith, Nick Dragotta, and Joose Bonsen. An awesome team that I hope are still doing well today.

Sadly their website is not operational but you can get their back catalogue on Amazon here:

“The hardest thing to do with an animated movie is to not make it feel synthetic: to feel like it’s handmade, where you can sense the human hand in it.”

Phil Lord


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