Pegbar … 2020

I haven’t been involved in Pegbar in several years but it is great to be back and engaging with the animation community again. For 2020, the plan is to keep social media going on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There will be three posts a week promoting artists that are working in animation, animation related industries and children’s entertainment in some shape or form. The posts will be an ‘Artist in Focus’, and will be highlighting some of the artist’s current work/explorations. Posting begins on the 5th of Aug 2020, and will be regularly updated every lunch time on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Its great to look through the 10+ year history of Pegbar and what it has achieved on a grass roots level and a shoe string budget. I hope to put a little digital anthology about it together to show how many amazing people we have had talking, how many great events we’ve partnered up with and how many great companies how have contributed to make Pegbar a reality.

The current holding page for Pegbar is and the social media links are as follows:

First Pegbar event ‘It’s a Pegbar Affair’ @ Murray’s Bar

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