Macabre Morris Dancing

Whitby Brewery Ltd

This time last year, I was in Whitby with friends. We had rented a cottage in the seaside town. Subsequently the annual Goth Festival was on, and the town was hosting a number of events including pop up goth stores, music events and even Goth Morris Dancing. As the lockdown is on, and my Yorkshire friends are now getting together via Zoom, I said I’d post this up as tribute to them.

Below is 360 Footage of the morris dancing taken at Whitby Brewery. You can also see the Whitby Abbey on the hill in the distance.

Macabre Morris Dancing, 360 Video, Whitby Brewery.

The few days spent there was great fun and the Goth festival is definitely a spectacle everyone should see. The costumes were amazing, lots of goth and steampunk outfits. Whitby is also famed for influencing the setting of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and I could really see it in all the architecture around this seaside town and in famous Abbey and surrounding buildings.

The museums, galleries, Abbey and 199 steps were all really enjoyable. Also Whitby Jet ice cream is absolutely one to try.

Whitby Abbey … being invaded by snakes

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