Making One Rogue Cleverer than Another

Education is a process … which makes one rogue cleverer than another

Oscar Wilde

I love this quote from Oscar Wilde and believe everyone should be aiming to educate themselves in whatever field or craft they engage in, then put it in their practice to develop themselves and let that learning digest so that it becomes second nature to them.

This COVID 19 lockdown is unfortunate, complex and not going to end soon by te looks of it. However, it is an opportunity to up-skill yourself in your own field or explore other talents that tickle your fancy. If you are up-skilling or going back to education, I suppose my best advice for you would be pace yourself and don’t bury yourself underneath impossible ambitions. There is only so much education your brain can ingest before it goes bust or burns out. Also map out your goals and how you’re going to achieve them bit by bit.

Psychogeography mapping of Dublin locations – ADW – NCAD (circa 2010)

When I first went on medical leave, I needed to put on the breaks in order to properly look after my core self. Once I had put certain foundations and safety measures under myself I started to get a lot more motivated to tackle new challenges. I began looking locally at my library, online courses recommended to me by my Learning & Development officer in BBF and revisiting my own personal research behind work I’ve done in the past so that I could build on it going forward.

Here are some resources I regularly look at when I feel the need to hit the books and feed my brain:

I attended a talk in Kidscreen that addressed growth and development of creatives and creative companies. The talk concentrated on upskilling and progressive change for the future. They referred to the content as a seven year psychological ‘itch’. Examples included the ideas that you hang around with a completely different circle of people every 7yrs, some people change jobs or careers every 7yrs, your drive for life changes every 7yrs and companies change every 7yrs, etc … They also talked about various cycles within those 7yrs that build up to the larger changes and personal development through education. The 7yr ‘itch’ theory can be taken with a pinch of salt as it will be different for every individual and their personal timeline in life. The point is that keeping an active life of learning is vital to making the most of yourself … not letting yourself go stagnant by connecting with yourself and your wants and need … networking with your long term friends and family whilst looking at your assessed needs and exploring new ‘tribes’ that share similar aims to your own … connect with your strengths and weaknesses to see what you can optimise for yourself whilst protecting yourself and your integrity … and finally respect yourself by listening to yourself in order to hear your real goals in life.

Whats your survival plan to keep your brain stimulated during this COVID 19 pandemic?

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