Crafting Christmas

The UN Climate Change Conference has come to an unresolute deadlock with multiple nations quarrelling over responsibility of climate change instead of looking at progressive ways forward for this planet and its occupants. This is disappointing as ever since I was a kid I’ve been thought to respect the environment, recycle and replant … My favourite place to visit as a kid was ENFO on St. Andrews street. It was an awesome environmental resource centre for adults and children to explore, educate themselves and have workshops in. I brought a lot of these learned values into my adult life. Three decades later we are still talking about the same issues, we have made very little progress in pausing the issue let alone reversing it so now we’re talking about the environment on a more serious scale.

It’s also sad that we need kids to lecture the politicians to pull their fingers out in order to get progressive about the environment. In fairness to the Oireachtas and RTE for accepting and organising time for the youth of Ireland with their Youth Assembly programme. Although it’s positive to see Greta Thunberg being voted TIME person of the year 2019, it is sad that we have to see her school POTUS Trump whilst he attacked her on Twitter.

In saying that, it’s the holiday period! and we can all do a little bit ourselves. Instead of producing waste, we can be recycling and upcycling items around the house and garden as decorations. We can be inclusive and involve friends, partners and kids in the fun as well. The internet has loads of ideas to pluck from. Some of the activities we’ve done this year is to make some of our own Christmas decorations, make our own Christmas wrapping paper so that the paper is from recycled paper and can be recycled again as it doesnt have any plastic additives or sparkles on them, and made our own Christmas wreath (see video below)

Here are some awesome links that might give you ideas and help with the clean up after Christmas:

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