Winter Solstice Greetings

“I am a man who takes heart from the season’s change”

Matt Berry – Solstice – Kill the Wolf

I think it is really important these days to press pause at seasonal calendar events to reflect on times past and how you are going to go forward with the next part of your life. Although I’m not Pagan I personally use the Wheel of the Year to celebrate, feast and reflect on life. It has been tried and tested since neolithic times when humans started figuring out how to record lunar and solar patterns so we must be doing something right with the Wheel of the Year. Not only is it a good to personally reflect but also share experiences with friends and family.

I’ve had a bumpy ride this year, and I don’t believe I would have survived it without the help and understanding from friends, family and work colleagues. They helped me stand back up and dust myself off to keep getting well. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has also been a fantastic help to me as well. It has thought me about positive and negative thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviours and how they connect together and move together. CBT has also re-injected a motivation into myself to keep journalling and realise the importance of recording thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviours. The skills given from CBT aren’t just food for thought, they need to be practiced to become second nature. However, practice doesn’t make perfection, it makes permanent. This is where journalling comes into play and reflecting on your experiences can help you tune into life a lot easier, quicker and efficiently. Journalling doesn’t have to be torturousfor me as well, it doesn’t matter if its a good journal entry or a bad one, as long as I do it, I feel good about my future, my standings and my creativity to function.

This is where using the solstices and equinoxes as good check in points throughout the year to reflect on life helps keep the bigger picture in perspective for me. I am going to take a time out this evening and head over to Gorey to celebrate the solstice at an open Winter Solstice Ciorcal, with singing from Rachel Uí Fhaoláin. It is on at 18.30 at the Gorey Civic Centre.

It was now winter again; and the fresh, cold windy day, and the sweeping downland, brightened up my hopes a little.

Charles Dickens – David Copperfield

As I use this period to reflect on my life over the next few days, I wish everyone some festive fun and seasonal celebrations. I hope you have friends or family to spend it with. And I wish you the best for 2020!

Stonehenge – circa 2015

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