Macabre Morris Dancing

This time last year, I was in Whitby with friends. We had rented a cottage in the seaside town. Subsequently the annual Goth Festival was on, and the town was hosting a number of events including pop up goth stores, music events and even Goth Morris Dancing. As the lockdown is on, and my Yorkshire… Continue reading Macabre Morris Dancing

Audio Therapy in Isolation …

With the country self isolating, more and more folk are working from home, it is really important to look after your mental health whilst in isolation. Isolation could be with other folk, but being locked up in a house for a while can have weird effects. Believe me I know … just weeks before coronavirus… Continue reading Audio Therapy in Isolation …


After missing the opportunity to hit the big Arklow Bingo night last year with Saoirse and her Mam, Saoirse saw an advert for ‘Bingo Loco’ being organised in the local hotel. From the flier, it looked like Bingo with a bit of ‘craic’ involved. I think there were some Gameboy’s and SNES’s up for offer… Continue reading Bingo

Growing Old in Style – Slipknot Dublin 2020

I personal don’t own any Slipknot albums but every time they visit Ireland, I have to attend. They’re a fantastic spectacle and have savage tunes. When I was a teen, my friends gradually moved from Nirvana and Metallica to more nu-metal bands like Slipknot, Korn, and Deftones, whilst I moved backwards in time to Black… Continue reading Growing Old in Style – Slipknot Dublin 2020

Celebrating Jukeboxes

Over in the states, Touchtunes declared the day before the US holiday of Thanksgiving to be their National Jukebox day. The day was established in 2017. Despite Jukebox Day being nice publicity day for Touchtunes, I do love a good social with friends around a Jukebox/playlist. Jukeboxes have been a staple diet of the American… Continue reading Celebrating Jukeboxes