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Daniel Spencer

I am Daniel Spencer, a wayfarer out exploring experiences and life. I have an eclectic past of working in various places/positions, exhibiting art, being in bands, producing award winning films, travelling around the globe and contributing to multiple community groups/projects. 

Today, I love to explore and immerse myself in the arts, go on nature walks and I’m in the kitchen a lot cooking and baking. 

I’ve always been influenced by the arts community thanks to my parents being heavily involved in multiple creative groups/projects. This led me to explore, draw, paint, sculpt, animate loads of different projects growing up which got me in a career within the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

During the pandemic I moved to Mallow, Co. Cork, keeping me close enough to a train station that I could get into Dublin easy enough for work, whilst living near nature walks and inspiring landscapes. Since moving here, I joined the Mallow Arts Festival, helping out on numerous events and community projects.

I personally continue to practice art, keep on top of art/animation news and experiment on my own personal projects. 

This summer I exhibited paintings and drawings I had created just before, during and after COVID 19 lock down. Find the full event in the West End Art Studios, Malllow Co. Cork here –

Professional Life

I have been working professionally in the animation industry for the past 16 years. At first as a freelance artist in multiple roles, part time lecturer for multiple institutions and then in management for the last 10 years. 

Management for me has been a fantastic experience as not only can I be creative in the bigger picture of scheduling large teams to make work happen but I also am able to facilitate and foster creative community on extensive projects which is deeply rewarding. 

I work on demanding animated series for big clients like Disney, Netflix, BBC and more. My last three projects were ‘Ridley Jones’, ‘Eureka!’ and ‘Vampirina’. 


  • Leadership – 10+ years in management roles making decisions and looking after teams, finances, resources, whilst acting with integrity and fairness with my strategic mindset. 
  • Creativity & Adaptability – Always researching so that I can bring new ideas to the table and offer  creative ‘out of the box’ thinking to situations.
  • Problem Solving – Part of the day to day in management, always a problem, always a way to resolve conflicts to come up with a solution. 
  • Work Ethic – Honesty and taking responsibilities is key to how I work, when there is a problem it is researched and communicated thoroughly to my superiors, clients and the team.
  • Human Resources – Extensive experience in assessing and hiring job candidates, training up employees, 1:1’s with individual employees and knowledge of employment rights.
  • Project Management – I hold a large amount of credits directing, producing and managing projects of various sizes between animation, interactive and games pipelines.
  • Resource Planning – I have in-depth knowledge on scheduling and budgeting for various project sizes and as well as being able to adapt schedules to unforeseen problems.
  • Learning and Development – Several years experience as a lecturer in universities and institutes, setting up and delivering the curriculums. I bring these skills into work when I can. 




  • Visual Artist Ireland, Membership, 2023 – present.
  • Mallow Arts Festival, 2022 – present
  • Imirt, Membership, 2016 – present.
  • Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists, Student Member, 2021 – present.
  • Careers in Screen & Skillnet, Consultation & Workshops 2017-2018.
  • Visual Artist Ireland, Membership, 2012 – 2018
  • Animation Ireland, Board Member, 2013 – 2015.
  • Pegbar, Irish Animation Networking, 2008 – 2018
  • Animakers, RuaRed, Workshops, 2016
  • Coderdojo DCU, Animation Workshops, 2014
  • Youthreach, Workshops, 2011 – 2013
  • ZeroCapital, Art/Music events, 2006 – 2008


  • Production Manager. Netflix’s ‘Ridley Jones‘, 20x11m, Brown Bag Films. 2020 – 2023.
  • Production Manager. Disney’s ‘Eureka‘, 6x11m, Brown Bag Films. 2020.
  • Production Manager. Disney’s ‘Vampirina‘, 40x11m, Brown Bag Films. 2017 – 2020.
  • Producer. BBC Worldwide’s ‘Go Jetters‘, 50x11m, Giant Animation. 2014 – 2017.
  • Asset Manager. Digit Games’ ‘Star Trek Prime‘, Game, Giant Animation. 2016.
  • Animation Producer, Cartoon Saloon’s ‘Tobar An Choeil‘, Music Vid(x2), Giant Animation. 2016.
  • Animation Producer, HMH’s ‘Curiousityville‘, 36x2m, Giant Animation. 2016.
  • Producer, Giant Animation’s ‘Geist‘, Short Film, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Producer, Prickly Pear’s ‘Paperboy‘, Trailer, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Producer, Parcel Connect’s ‘Fastway‘, Advert, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Animation Producer, Storytoys’ ‘Too Many Teddies‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Animation Producer, HMH’s ‘Curious World‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Animation Producer, CBBC’s ‘One Minute World‘, Pilot, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Animation Producer, Storytoys’ ‘Jelly Jumble‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Director, Caramagic’s ‘Magic Friends 2′, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Director, Trocaire’s ‘CJ, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Producer, Ted Talks’ ‘Space and Time‘, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Animation Producer, Storytoys’ ‘Dino Dog‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Director, Trocaire’s ‘Water Aware, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Producer, Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Duel‘, Short Film, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Director, Caramagic’s ‘Magic Friends, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Director, Target McConnell’s ‘One Direct, Advert, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Producer, Ted Talks’ ‘Death of the Universe‘, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Producer, Ted Talks’ ‘Myths of Evolution‘, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2012.
  • Producer, Bonfire’s ‘Parcel Motel, Advert, Giant Animation. 2012.
  • Animation Producer, JAM Media’s ‘Curly Hare, Trailer, Giant Animation. 2012.
  • Producer, Irish International’s ‘Bo, Online Campaign, Giant Animation. 2012.