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Daniel Spencer

I am Daniel Spencer, a wayfarer out exploring experiences and life. I have an eclectic past of working in various places/positions, exhibiting art, being in bands, producing award winning films, travelling around the globe and contributing to multiple community groups/projects. 

Today, I love to explore and immerse myself in the arts, go on nature walks and I’m in the kitchen a lot cooking and baking. 

I’ve always been influenced by the arts community thanks to my parents being heavily involved in multiple creative groups/projects. This led me to explore, draw, paint, sculpt, animate loads of different projects growing up which got me in a career within the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

During the pandemic I moved to Mallow, Co. Cork, keeping me close enough to a train station that I could get into Dublin easy enough for work, whilst living near nature walks and inspiring landscapes. Since moving here, I joined the Mallow Arts Committee, helping out on numerous events and community projects.

I personally continue to practice art, keep on top of art/animation news and experiment on my own personal projects. 

Nature walks and cooking are therapeutic to me and keep my head in check whilst stimulating new ideas and practices. The simplicity of taking time out to take notice of natural surroundings or  concentrating on creating something from base ingredients can be so satisfying for my mental health.

Professional Life

I have been working professionally in the animation industry for the past 16 years. At first as a freelance artist in multiple roles, part time lecturer for multiple institutions and then in management for the last 10 years. 

Management for me has been a fantastic experience as not only can I be creative in the bigger picture of scheduling large teams to make work happen but I also am able to facilitate and foster creative community on extensive projects which is deeply rewarding. 

I work on demanding animated series for big clients like Disney, Netflix, BBC and more. I am currently a Production Manager in award winning animation studio Brown Bag Films 9Story. My last three projects were ‘Ridley Jones’, ‘Eureka!’ and ‘Vampirina’. 


  • Leadership – 10+ years in management roles making decisions and looking after teams, finances, resources, whilst acting with integrity and fairness with my strategic mindset. 
  • Creativity & Adaptability – Always researching so that I can bring new ideas to the table and offer  creative ‘out of the box’ thinking to situations.
  • Problem Solving – Part of the day to day in management, always a problem, always a way to resolve conflicts to come up with a solution. 
  • Work Ethic – Honesty and taking responsibilities is key to how I work, when there is a problem it is researched and communicated thoroughly to my superiors, clients and the team.
  • Human Resources – Extensive experience in assessing and hiring job candidates, training up employees, 1:1’s with individual employees and knowledge of employment rights.
  • Project Management – I hold a large amount of credits directing, producing and managing projects of various sizes between animation, interactive and games pipelines.
  • Resource Planning – I have in-depth knowledge on scheduling and budgeting for various project sizes and as well as being able to adapt schedules to unforeseen problems.
  • Learning and Development – Several years experience as a lecturer in universities and institutes, setting up and delivering the curriculums. I bring these skills into work when I can. 




  • Mallow Arts Committee, 2022 – present
  • Imirt, Membership, 2016 – present.
  • Careers in Screen & Skillnet, Consultation & Workshops 2017-2018.
  • Visual Artist Ireland, Membership, 2012 – 2018
  • Animation Ireland, Board Member, 2013 – 2015.
  • Pegbar, Irish Animation Networking, 2008 – 2018
  • Animakers, RuaRed, Workshops, 2016
  • Coderdojo DCU, Animation Workshops, 2014
  • Youthreach, Workshops, 2011 – 2013
  • ZeroCapital, Art/Music events, 2006 – 2008


  • Production Manager. Netflix’s ‘Ridley Jones‘, 20x11m, Brown Bag Films. 2020 – 2023.
  • Production Manager. Disney’s ‘Eureka‘, 6x11m, Brown Bag Films. 2020.
  • Production Manager. Disney’s ‘Vampirina‘, 40x11m, Brown Bag Films. 2017 – 2020.
  • Producer. BBC Worldwide’s ‘Go Jetters‘, 50x11m, Giant Animation. 2014 – 2017.
  • Asset Manager. Digit Games’ ‘Star Trek Prime‘, Game, Giant Animation. 2016.
  • Animation Producer, Cartoon Saloon’s ‘Tobar An Choeil‘, Music Vid(x2), Giant Animation. 2016.
  • Animation Producer, HMH’s ‘Curiousityville‘, 36x2m, Giant Animation. 2016.
  • Producer, Giant Animation’s ‘Geist‘, Short Film, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Producer, Prickly Pear’s ‘Paperboy‘, Trailer, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Producer, Parcel Connect’s ‘Fastway‘, Advert, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Animation Producer, Storytoys’ ‘Too Many Teddies‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2015.
  • Animation Producer, HMH’s ‘Curious World‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Animation Producer, CBBC’s ‘One Minute World‘, Pilot, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Animation Producer, Storytoys’ ‘Jelly Jumble‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Director, Caramagic’s ‘Magic Friends 2′, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Director, Trocaire’s ‘CJ, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Producer, Ted Talks’ ‘Space and Time‘, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2014.
  • Animation Producer, Storytoys’ ‘Dino Dog‘, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Director, Trocaire’s ‘Water Aware, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Producer, Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Duel‘, Short Film, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Director, Caramagic’s ‘Magic Friends, App/Game, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Director, Target McConnell’s ‘One Direct, Advert, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Producer, Ted Talks’ ‘Death of the Universe‘, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2013.
  • Producer, Ted Talks’ ‘Myths of Evolution‘, Online Videos, Giant Animation. 2012.
  • Producer, Bonfire’s ‘Parcel Motel, Advert, Giant Animation. 2012.
  • Animation Producer, JAM Media’s ‘Curly Hare, Trailer, Giant Animation. 2012.
  • Producer, Irish International’s ‘Bo, Online Campaign, Giant Animation. 2012.