Making One Rogue Cleverer than Another

Education is a process … which makes one rogue cleverer than another Oscar Wilde I love this quote from Oscar Wilde and believe everyone should be aiming to educate themselves in whatever field or craft they engage in, then put it in their practice to develop themselves and let that learning digest so that it… Continue reading Making One Rogue Cleverer than Another

Home Tasking for Sanity

Now that Coronavirus/COVID-19 is spreading, people are staying at home for work, self isolating and making some great efforts in order to stop this virus from spreading. It is a world wide pandemic and needs global attention and endeavours from all walks of life. Part of that, the comedy and entertainment world have stepped up… Continue reading Home Tasking for Sanity

Learning to Survive – The Long Dark

The second edition of games that have made a serious impact in my life and why! The first game was ‘Stardew Valley’, this time it’s ‘The Long Dark’. Like ‘Stardew Valley’, this game plays a big role with recovering from mental health issues. The game’s only aim is to survive another day, or another hour,… Continue reading Learning to Survive – The Long Dark


After missing the opportunity to hit the big Arklow Bingo night last year with Saoirse and her Mam, Saoirse saw an advert for ‘Bingo Loco’ being organised in the local hotel. From the flier, it looked like Bingo with a bit of ‘craic’ involved. I think there were some Gameboy’s and SNES’s up for offer… Continue reading Bingo

How managing a farm ignited my creativity …

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this message meets people in good spirits and in optimistic hope for 2020. There are a few games from the last decade I want to write about that made a significant impact into my life. I thought I would start off with ‘Stardew Valley‘, and it’s simple but reassuring… Continue reading How managing a farm ignited my creativity …