Pegbar … 2020

I haven’t been involved in Pegbar in several years but it is great to be back and engaging with the animation community again. For 2020, the plan is to keep social media going on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There will be three posts a week promoting artists that are working in animation, animation related industries… Continue reading Pegbar … 2020

Nature Watch – Pollination

Extract from There are 99 bee species in Ireland: the honeybee, 21 species of bumblebee, and 77 species of solitary bee. Bees are the most important pollinator of crops and native plant species in Ireland. They are a key component of our wildlife and one of the busiest, least appreciated work forces we have.… Continue reading Nature Watch – Pollination

Macabre Morris Dancing

This time last year, I was in Whitby with friends. We had rented a cottage in the seaside town. Subsequently the annual Goth Festival was on, and the town was hosting a number of events including pop up goth stores, music events and even Goth Morris Dancing. As the lockdown is on, and my Yorkshire… Continue reading Macabre Morris Dancing

Your Tribe, Our Tribe, Your Life, Our Life …

As lock down continues I don’t think I’ve talked to so many friends and family, just checking in with folk to cheer one another up, in the last year than I have in the last 3 weeks. From checking in with neighbours to see if they need anything from the shops or just talking to… Continue reading Your Tribe, Our Tribe, Your Life, Our Life …

Making One Rogue Cleverer than Another

Education is a process … which makes one rogue cleverer than another Oscar Wilde I love this quote from Oscar Wilde and believe everyone should be aiming to educate themselves in whatever field or craft they engage in, then put it in their practice to develop themselves and let that learning digest so that it… Continue reading Making One Rogue Cleverer than Another

Audio Therapy in Isolation …

With the country self isolating, more and more folk are working from home, it is really important to look after your mental health whilst in isolation. Isolation could be with other folk, but being locked up in a house for a while can have weird effects. Believe me I know … just weeks before coronavirus… Continue reading Audio Therapy in Isolation …

Create Aid calls on you to help frontline responders around the globe.

As you know, we are in a global pandemic. Some of us are fortunate to be able to work remotely, self isolate and try and look after our family, friends and neighbours. Others are not so fortunate and will run into serious/fatal complications … And then there are frontline responders putting their heart and soul… Continue reading Create Aid calls on you to help frontline responders around the globe.

Home Tasking for Sanity

Now that Coronavirus/COVID-19 is spreading, people are staying at home for work, self isolating and making some great efforts in order to stop this virus from spreading. It is a world wide pandemic and needs global attention and endeavours from all walks of life. Part of that, the comedy and entertainment world have stepped up… Continue reading Home Tasking for Sanity

Learning to Survive – The Long Dark

The second edition of games that have made a serious impact in my life and why! The first game was ‘Stardew Valley’, this time it’s ‘The Long Dark’. Like ‘Stardew Valley’, this game plays a big role with recovering from mental health issues. The game’s only aim is to survive another day, or another hour,… Continue reading Learning to Survive – The Long Dark