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Dancing Directionlessly was my first ever solo exhibition, I was invited to exhibit my work by the Mallow Arts Committee in the West End Art Studios. I got the invite at the start of June, to be complete for a 1st of July opening, so it was all hands on deck, with old work being shipped to Cork, new work being assembled, all a bit Brian from Spaced. I’m used to group exhibitions and not being left to my own devices to fill up an entire gallery. Luckily for me I wasn’t completely alone, I had curator and member of the Mallow Arts Committee Sabina Lucas help me set up and arrange the room with some brilliant ideas on how to explore the work and room. Check out her work here: and

Dancing Directionlessly is about going into Covid 19 lockdown and coming out of lockdown. It explores ideas of isolation, desperation, feeling trapped, nature, living on the internet as the only way to communicate, how the world is held together through waves and vibrations, reflection on past loved ones, contemplation on the unknown future and muddled thoughts for an unforeseeable future. This is why the exhibit was eclectic and directionless.

The exhibition ran from the 1st of July to the 23rd of July (extended by a week). I sold a number of pieces and want to thanks all the buyers and attendees for appreciating the work and investing in it. I’d also like to thanks the West End Art Studios, Cork CoCo and Mallow Arts Committee for having me exhibit. Below are photos from the morning of the exhibition finally set up. The opening went well with food, wine and refreshments provided by the venue. I received very positive feedback from attendees and I was super happy with that.

Sadly, behind the scenes of setting up the exhibition, I was getting incredibly sick. After the exhibition’s opening night, I could not attend the space again and was rushed to hospital a couple of days later where I resided in quarantine in Cork University Hospital 50+ days later.

Post to follow shortly about whats going on in my life directions and the future.


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