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Self admitting, I haven’t been out too much this winter. We got hit with horrible wet and cold weather that the conditions weren’t ideal to go out in. In fact they made me feel like I wanted to hibernate until things got better. In saying that, I moved down to Mallow for forest walks, river walks and mountain treks. Forest walks have several potential benefits for mental and physical health for me … stress relief … mental well being … physical health … smelling fresh air … observing nature … stimulating creativity.

So forcing myself to go out walking is a good thing and inspire me to get drawing and be myself. I do love Mallow and the move down here, I got involved in the Mallow Arts Committee and try and contribute to the Mallow Arts Festival as best as possible, which includes any and all events that the committee tries to help.

Winter Forest, Biro & Inks on 130gsm paper.

Some of the best things about forest walks are how magical and mystical forests can be. I’ve been brought up on fairy tales and how woodland spirits and faeries inhabit the forests, which inspire me today but also scare me too because being scared is a good thing to learn from and should be embraced in life. I love the word ‘spooky’ and forests to me are ‘spooky’. They are populated yet isolating, secure but dangerous, examples of life as well as death. Forests are beautiful.


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