Audio Therapy in Isolation …

With the country self isolating, more and more folk are working from home, it is really important to look after your mental health whilst in isolation. Isolation could be with other folk, but being locked up in a house for a while can have weird effects. Believe me I know … just weeks before coronavirus I went back to work but for the previous few months I had been off work on long term sickness and it hasn’t been fun. There is no amount of Netflix or day time television that can save you.

A real good way to look after your mental health is meditation, and this can come in all sorts of forms, including creative past times like drawing, painting or playing music. Even taking time out to listen and appreciate music was great therapy for me. Basically turning off all distractions and taking a time out to engage in your hearing senses by listening to a playlist or an EP or an album. Music can help you explore emotions and help you express yourself to what you are feeling at that time.

Album Night! Beastie Boys – Licensed to ill (1986)

If you are joyful, maybe throw on some up beat pop … angry, maybe some nihilistic punk rock or trash metal … feeling sad, maybe some meloncholic soundtrack music … you’ll know what type of music to listen to that relates to your feelings. Listening to music like this can help tap into your moods and enhance or alter your emotional states to explore and relieve any stress that you’re feeling.

Here a couple of playlists to get you started. One cheerful bunch of tracks …

Isolated – Tunes for the Cheerful

And another with a little bit more misery in it …

Isolated – Songs for the Meloncholy

Giving your emotions a little audio TLC can go a long way and whether those are positive or negative, its good to explore them and give yourself a bit of a release valve, especially during this time of a global pandemic. Also another element to emotions that you should know is that that it is ok to feel them regardless of what they are. The more you explore them, the more you can get in tune with with your own identity (no pun intended) and help you with your personal growth.

Also here are two links with resources on managing mental health issues during the COVID 19 crisis

Managing Anxiety and Stress

HSE Mental Health Supports – COVID 19

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Feel free to drop your playlists/digital mixtapes in the comments below!

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