Create Aid calls on you to help frontline responders around the globe.

As you know, we are in a global pandemic. Some of us are fortunate to be able to work remotely, self isolate and try and look after our family, friends and neighbours. Others are not so fortunate and will run into serious/fatal complications … And then there are frontline responders putting their heart and soul into trying to slow down COVID-19 whilst making life as easy and as bearable as possible for all walks of society, and to do so they are putting their own lives at serious and fatal risk. 

Create Aid is a lovely idea that allows artists and art lovers to positively contribute donations in order to help out charities that support frontline responders.


How it works:

Artists donate work to the instagram page ‘Create Aid’. The instagram page networks and then sells or auctions off that piece of work. The buyer holds good on their promise and proves a donation on the value of said artwork is paid to a charity of their own choice. The artist then sends the artwork to the donor via post. 

Create Aid are the network facilitators and dealmakers within the whole operation to make sure everything goes well. They do not touch the artwork, or the money involved in the transaction. Essentially it is a place where the creative community are trying to raise funds for those on the frontline around the globe. 

Please visit their Instagram. If you have art work you can donate or cash that you can give to a worthy COVID-19 related charity, please consider getting involved with Create Aid and their innovative way to motivate people to contribute in these scary times.

As usual, please stay safe, be smart, follow official advice and look after others as well as yourself. The following links and advice are super helpful:

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