Home Tasking for Sanity

Now that Coronavirus/COVID-19 is spreading, people are staying at home for work, self isolating and making some great efforts in order to stop this virus from spreading. It is a world wide pandemic and needs global attention and endeavours from all walks of life. Part of that, the comedy and entertainment world have stepped up to save us from insanity. Alison Spittle has been streaming comedy shows and mass on her instagram. Metallica have been releasing their gigs from 2019 online, most recently their Slane gig which Martin, Saoirse and myself attended. Best of all, one of my favourite TV shows, Taskmaster, began a massive game of Taskmaster on Twitter.

Basically, the Taskmaster’s Assistant Alex Horne posts three tasks a week, and players respond with their videos on twitter. It was a massive effort to get people playing at home with the intent of keeping the game going as long as possible. We dont know wether we’re going to be in self isolation for 14 days or 14 weeks.


As I was already picking tasks out of the Taskmaster Book, 220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People, so these games are right up my street after doing Task #166. Task one of day one was ‘throw a piece of a4 paper into a bin …most spectacular throw wins’. Here is my attempt at the task:

#hometasking – Milk&XYZ (feat. Dusty the Dog)

I encourage everyone to have a little bit of a play to break up the days inside and embrace the isolation so that we can slow this pandemic down and make sure we’re all ok. Here are some links to Coronavirus information and health & safety suggestions to follow in order to combat this pandemic:

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