Loads of Tasks to be doing …

I’ve loads of tasks to be doing around the house now that we’re in lock down in Ireland. Well Taskmaster tasks that is … Have to keep sane during self isolation … As a massive fan of Taskmaster I hope to knock a few of these out over the next few weeks. This is from Alex Horne’s ‘220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People’ book, which Saoirse got me at Christmas.

The task at hand was #166, Recreate this scene. Most accurate recreation wins. You have two more leap years . Your time starts at 6pm on a Friday night of your choice.

I hope all is well with everyone. Please look after yourself and everyone around you, especially neighbours. Follow official advice as we’re all going to be in for a bumpy ride. Brown Bag Films have been champion in protecting their artists and getting us set up remotely. Here are some links to follow:

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