Learning to Survive – The Long Dark

The second edition of games that have made a serious impact in my life and why! The first game was ‘Stardew Valley’, this time it’s ‘The Long Dark’. Like ‘Stardew Valley’, this game plays a big role with recovering from mental health issues. The game’s only aim is to survive another day, or another hour, or even another minute. It’s inevitable that you’re going to die in the game, but how long can you last and learn to ration food, sleep and energy in order to move from zone to zone collecting resources to battle the environment you have been left in. The game is brutal, thrilling and every single miniature victory this game gives, makes you feel like crying with relief. The premise to the sandbox game is simple, your plane crashes, you need to survive. That means you have to salvage clothes, shelter, and food, and also craft materials, resources and fires to help you survive. You have to do whatever you can do to ‘survive the silent apocalypse’.

The intensity is brilliant, the more you study the environment and understand the triggers that hurt or heal your body, the more submersed you will get in this open world and want to discover all the notes, craft all the different items, discover the beautiful landscapes and learn to respect your surroundings whilst taking audacious decisions in order to survive. 

The Long Dark – Abandoned Look Out

I think I’ve played more than five hundred hours of this game. Because this is a sandbox game, and can be very unpredictable, each experience of playing offers new and exciting challenges to overcome. The developer ‘Hinterland’ has also been fantastic with their updates and story mode to keep the game evolving and even more challenging than ever. If you ever want to get into the game, please watch and follow Hadrian’s gameplay to see how intense yet serene The Long Dark is.  

Hadrian – Season 6 – The Long Dark

Going back to how this game helped me, like Stardew Valley, you have to be aware of the tasks you do, note down what you’ve explored, decide what you can carry and live by your decisions as this game is perma-death. Once you die, you die … and you go back to the start … heart breaking I know. This is where the real passion of the game comes out. As you play, you want to live, you look after your character, and you begin looking after yourself as a human being. The game helps trigger a survival mode inside of you that motivates you to get up and become self sufficient, to make an effort exploring new groups, motivates to adventure new walking trails and inspires to analyse and respect your surroundings just as much as acting in them. You can find loads of serenity in this game by living one day at a time whilst consume all the thrilling danger as you explore the landscape. 

The Long Dark – Petrol Station

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