After missing the opportunity to hit the big Arklow Bingo night last year with Saoirse and her Mam, Saoirse saw an advert for ‘Bingo Loco’ being organised in the local hotel. From the flier, it looked like Bingo with a bit of ‘craic’ involved. I think there were some Gameboy’s and SNES’s up for offer in the prize listings, which caught my eye. Being naive thirty something year olds, we thought it would be a mixed aged group from 18+ going to have a bit of local craic and get boozed up to the hardcore 50+ Bingo players that love the competition.

Oh boy where we wrong. It was the funniest and also most disturbing night I’ve had in a long time. I was hoping for a bit of bingo laughs like out of the Mighty’s Boosh’s ‘Nannageddon’ episode and I’d come home with some Spaghetti hoops or if lucky some granny’s moccas. I was wrong. We were welcomed into the event by bulky Phoenix Nights bouncers and ‘ringside’ promotion girls. Inside was packed with neon and disco lights and the bang of lynx was insane. We arrived a few hours after the doors had opened but just in time for the Bingo to start so people were well on their way in regards to drinking and loads of seats were taken. We had to squeeze onto a table luckily getting two seats. I was dry and on a night like these, you’re content enough with everyone, you get into the mood and enjoy the night … until the place gets too sloppy and then you exit right. It didn’t take long before I was out of my comfort zone, booze spilling everywhere, an over crowded room from an events point of view and folk laying heavy into the lines of coke in the bathroom. Mental. It was full blown rave, mixed with a Christmas/Wedding party environment, with some Bingo in the middle. I don’t know who thought that was a winner but they’re obviously hitting their target market and doing it well for their sell out shows. It was like Phoenix Night’s Bingo, on MDMA, for the under thirties … almost like someone looked at trends that could go retro in modern times, and picked the Celtic Tiger as the perfect retro-trend to promote. Fantastically hilarious, insane and alarming all at the same time.

So although out of my comfort zone, we stayed and played and danced. The carry on was good craic, everyone seemed to be having fun and we left after the games as it was getting a little too out of control for our taste. Another experience ticked off the list. 

Whats your most ridiculous recent events? Drop a comment.

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