Welcoming Spring & Imbolc Celebrations

For Christmas I was given ‘The Almanac – A Seasonal Guide to 2020’. I’ve never owned or read an Almanac before. It was surprisingly great, I pull it out regularly to see what I should be doing seasonally. It’s also amazing as I’m on a journey of repairing my mental health and this book guides me on what I should be looking out for in my nature walks, beach walks, gardening tips and just highlighting general positive things to look out for.

The Almanac – A Seasonal Guide to 2020

Because of the three storms, three weekends in a row, I haven’t been able to do much in the garden, but make plans, mow the lawn in any dry spell that I had, pick a few weeds and put up this bird feeder. 

Pidgee Rascal – My new bird feeder

Part of it was to start helping out in the construction of a new community garden in Arklow. It is apart of this group ‘Arklow Community Garden’ on Facebook. We met up to do some basic soil sampling to see how healthy the soil was and what type of elements were contained in the soil. It was great to meet the group and unknown to me, my friend and work colleague Carragh is part of the group too. We were sharing seeds last year when working on Vampirina together. She knew I had moved to Arklow and was doing a bit of gardening last summer and autumn. It was a good day out and progress start to getting ideas generated for the garden space.

Soil testing at the potential Arklow Community Garden

Another great start to spring was to get out walking in groups and to spend some quality time with friends and family. I got to bring Dad down on the Arklow Riverwalk Trail, Saoirse and myself got to knock around Avoca after popping up to the recycling centre as well as canal walks with friends in Hebden Bridge.

Avoca @ Meeting of the Waters

This month has been a big one or Saoirse and myself. We are making a real effort and push for positive living, hygge and constructive progression towards a bit of serenity. We also have a new lil’ family member as part of our operations … Welcoming Buncie! Or as I call him behind his back, my wee lil Buncie boy. We got him from Ash Animal Rescue. He is a feral dog, very traumatised, very shy, very independent and in need of a loving warm home for life. He came from here where he was rescued with 70+ dogs from one house. We were more than happy to give him a home for life as we fell in love with him the first time we met him. He is adorable and such an awesome character and spirit he is more than welcome to hang out with us on the well-being trip. 

Next, I have to make plans for March … any ideas?

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