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Happy Bake Cookies Day! Who doesn’t love a good cookie … nom nom nom! There are several reasons to celebrate cookies other than a sugary treat. Cookies have history, they’re not just an American hallmark Christmas film thing or a stable diet in Friends. The word originates from Koejke, a Dutch word meaning ‘little cake’. There have also been familiar recipes of these little flat cakes dating back to Persia from the 7th century. So the cookie traveled from the middle east to Northern Africa, into Spain as an entry point for Europe, to the Dutch and headed across the pond to Northern America around the 17th century.

Food is a great way to bond with friends, family as well as create no friends. Cookies can play a big part in this as they’re sweet, delicious and can be easily made. From community bake sales to home baking, they can be a talking point, easily individualised and a way to collaborate and socialise with others whilst making them or making them for someone. They are also a great way to introduce kids to home cooking whilst having fun. I remember making cookies, scones and butterfly buns with my folks from an early age. It helped me respect safety rules in the kitchen and also sparked my mind about how fun it is to home cook/bake and how creative you can be in the kitchen. It has stood to me until this day and I thank my folks and auntie Eileen for letting me help out in the kitchen and empowering me to feel independent in the kitchen from an early age.

Some of my Ginger and Cinnamon Cookies

Cookies and home baking can also teach lessons about over indulgence of sweet things, appreciation for home cooking over shop bought sweets and the rewards you can get for putting a little effort into a project. Loving Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster as a kid, eating cookies and making cookies were always an exciting activity. In 2006, Cookie Monster took a long hard look at the obesity epidemic within Children across America, and pulled it out of the bag by celebrating the fact that cookies are ‘a sometimes food’. Luckily enough as a kid of the 80’s, I had young responsible folks teaching me the lessons of eating fruit and veg and we had cakes on the weekend as a treat. Part of the treat was that my brother and myself would be able to contribute to the making of the cookies empowering us to be independent.

Cookie Monster

Here are some of my favourite Cookie recipes:

My Ginger Cookies

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