Christmas Greens


Now that it is too cold for insects, its time to give my greens in the planter a little tender loving care if we’re going to get some spoils for Christmas. I started by setting up a mobile of CD’s over the plant patch to act as a scarecrow for birds as they’re still eating the greens. I got the idea from a DIY gardening blog I spotted whilst scrolling through Pinterest. Sadly, I can’t remember the address of the blog or find it again to give them a proper credit but here is the idea over in Instructables … The bird feeder is on the other side of the garden so we’re still welcoming birds into the garden, just not near our food.

We have two stalks of sprouts blooming. They were planted in July and are on their way to be ready for Christmas. We also have 3 kale plants flourishing and several beetroots nearly ready for harvest. There will be a winter clean up of the garden this weekend and only leaving the essentials.

Looking forward to making a full year effort in looking after crops and home grown vegetables in 2020.

Here are some of my favourite recipes for sprouts, kale and beets …

Drop a comment below if you have any recipes or winter growing techniques you want to share.

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